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    Insight 1: "Success comes from crafting sharper strategies,

    not costlier computing"

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  • Becoming a Digitally Transformed organisation is complex & challenging

    85% digitisation projects don't deliver planned results.

    dx.company provides proven support and guides you through every

    critical element of a successful digital organisation from 'As-Is' to 'AI'

    Insight 2: "This is not just about upgrading technologies, People, Processes & Culture need to change as well."

    Customer First, Front & Centre

    Citizen? Customer? Consumer? Whether Government, Commerce or Manufacturing there is somebody at the end of your present business system paying for your services or goods. That Customer must be front and centre of your new digital enterprise for it to succeed. We quickly create the customer-eccentric culture, where everyone focuses on increasing the value delivered and how that can be expanded through innovation, new relationships and ecosystems.

    Digital Leadership

    Identifying strategies, stakeholders & new skills that help you initiate & orchestrate a successful transformation program

    Digital Planning & Funding

    We help to craft credible & convincing Plans with financial cases covering risks, constraints & compelling rationale for the digital options

    Business Processes

    Clearly defining & optimising critical Business Processes prior to digitisation, thereby avoiding 'synthetic transformation'

    Digital Value Chains

    Fast Customer response is dependent on new systems that co-ordinate teams & partners in end-to-end service delivery

    Cultural Alignment

    Creating a culture of shared purpose & sense of trust, that leads to openness to new ideas and working procedures

    Organisational Barriers

    Often hidden, internal obstacles impede and delay Customer Value. These are identified, analysed & abridged

    High-Performance Teams

    Create high-performing cross-enterprise teams can reduce silo-mentality and unlock internal capabilities for joint problem solving & collaborative innovation

    Change Management

    For 30 years Change has been our DNA

    Multi-year transitions need the well-proven, evidence-based & consistent Change Management methods we provide

  • From 'As-Is' to 'AI'Creating a clear roadmap for your business transformationHow do we make this work end-to-end?Our 5-step 'F-A-C-I-T' approach ensures results happen fast

    Insight 3: "Right actions at the right times, always speak louder than words" 




    Clarify your target areas for transformation. FACIT method show who your Customers are, what they value most from you; and what gets in their way of accessing more value.




    Before Digitisation we make today's processes clear & identify quick

    improvements. We clarify boundaries & constraints & find the waste & overheads that can be removed.





    What is the 'Desired State'? How can old & new relationships create a Digital Ecosystem of Customer, Operational and Logistical models?







    Using 'Natural' languages to specify requirements helps IT developers to build applications that learn fail & adapt within a flexible ICT Architecture





    A combination of Data Analytics & meaningful KPIs provides an honest check on progress & returns. ensuring any corrections are made quickly. 

  • Building a great Digital-ICT Team is demanding because

    technicians need to acquire new product & people skills to

    create rapid solutions for ever changing needs. We address

    Seven new Competency & Skill Factors for Digital-ICT

    Insight 4: ICT needs to stop being good Producers & Operators and

    become world-class Communicators & Connectors

    Responsive, Rapid & Results-focused Integration

    A tsunami of new technological capabilities is impacting Commercial & Public Sector

    organisations as well as their ICT departments. We provide consultative and

    interpersonal skills training so User requirements are better understood & outcomes of

    value are identified and integrated throughout design, development & implementation

    User Requirements

    Simple misunderstandings waste lots of time,money & resources. New BDD methods makes them consistent & clearer.

    Project & Program Control

    Full Transformation can take years. Our Project & Program Control approach is

    robust, effective, enduring.

    Workforce Mobility

    Updating ICT working practices means more staff flexibility & higher productivity. 

    As well as lowering office costs.

    Team Collaboration

    Create high-performing cross-enterprise teams will unlock internal capabilities for joint problem solving & innovation

    Functional Admin Systems/RPA

    Older, lower priority back-office & admin systems can be made more effective by using RPA process automation for routine functions

    Legacy ICT Integration/APIs

    Legacy ICT investments can often be re-cycled & integrated with the new, through an open platform adaptable architectures

  • Having trouble identifying the

    Best In Class


    Building Blocks?

    You are not alone

    technology vendors can all look the same

    Technology Choices

    We are Technology Vendor agnostic, but...

    Technology is the key delivery mechanism for Digital Transformation and we have worked with many of the World's leading Software and Cloud Suppliers.

    I you are still considering which to choose, we can draw on teams of independent experts for objective views on what works, and what doesn't.

    transformation technology needs to create an architecture

    Evolving Infrastructure

    Today's Technologies are constantly evolving & some are yet unproven...

    However we can demonstrate how many of the following can fit within a business-relevant solution architecture

    • AI, in its many forms
    • Auto-Processing
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Cloud & APIs
    • Collaboration & Conferencing
    • Customer Analytics
    • Cyber Security
    • Mobility & Flexible Working
    • Robotics & Bots
    • Voice to Text
    • Web Self-Service
    • 3D Prototyping
  • Team Work, works

    Insight 5:

    Share the Problem

    Share the Team

    Share the Method

    Share the Results

    Share the Success

    If you wish, we will train your Staff as part of our service delivery.

    we work with your people

    We Care About People

    Yours & Ours

    Team Work, works

    Nobody is closer to a problem than your staff. We work closely with them throughout & offer on-project training in proven practical, methods & skills

    we listen and learn

    We're Always Learning

    It's our heritage

    Our Principals each have 30+ years senior experience in Commerce

    Government, Finance, IT,

    Manufacturing, Projects, HR,

    Academia, Training or

    EU Commission

    we travel extensively to clients

    We're well travelled

    We take a holistic view

    We work wherever our Clients operate. Our project proposals are clear, costed in advance with itemised deliverables, so everyone knows what happens next.

  • Client experience examples

    Public Sector

    • We have worked with over 30 Central and Local government organisations across the UK
    • Transformed 7 Local Government Services in 7 weeks
    • Recently introduced transformation & leadership capabilities for London Blue Light services
    • Enabled UK Government Agency to generate £26 bn  income stream


    • Implemented global process technology for the World's oldest insurance market.
    • Transformed specialist trade Insurer into global retail brand
    • Upgraded ICT support for leading Bank


    • Redesigned new growth mechanisms for UK's largest retail chain 
    • Developed new ecosystems for leading distribution & logistics company
    • Implementing ERP for publishing house
    • Structured Eastern Europe & Russian operations for leading drinks brands 
    • Designed EU business system for leading Japanese maker
    • Redesigned support infrastructure for leading German truck  & bus  maker 
    • Defined global supply chain for UK manufacturing company

    And, more importantly...

    We have the breadth of experience to understand your organisation and industry quickly so that results happen fast.

    So, why not find out?

    We won't waste your time: a short preliminary discussion will clarify if, how and where we might be of help.

  • we create better strategies

    Insight 1

    Right Strategy

    "Success comes from crafting sharper strategies, not costlier computing"


    we develop complete plans

    Insight 2

    Holistic Planning

    "This is not just about changing technologies,

    People, Processes and Culture have to change as well."

    we deliver fast results

    Insight 3

    Action, today!

    "Right actions at the right time,

    always speak louder than words"



    we work with your teams

    Insight 4

    New Digital-ICT skills


    "ICT needs to stop being the best Producers & Operators, and become world-class Communicators and Connectors"

    we work with your teams

    Insight 5

    Team work, works

    Share the Problem

    Share the Team

    Share the Method

    Share the Results

    Share the Success


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